dogs helping people reach for the stars



Partner Dogs Canada Inc. is a not for profit organization with a mandate to help people with emotional, physical or other accessibility issues experience the benefit of having or working with a service dog. People who may be unable to obtain a certified service dog through traditional channels or who simply cannot own a dog will have access to trained and experienced service dogs. Partner Dogs Canada Inc., sponsored by Good as Gold K9 School and Global Pet Foods Newmarket, has a mission to assist people by:

  • Providing permanent qualified service dogs for people with physical and mental disabilities
  •  Maintaining a population of highly trained multi-client service dogs that can work with a variety of people in many environments such as in courtrooms, with victims of crime, rehabilitation of debilitating illness or physical injuries, mental illness, etc.
  • Providing age appropriate children’s education programs to schools or other children’s groups with our advanced therapy and/or multi-client service dogs. 
  • Providing support and companionship with our advanced therapy dogs to individuals in nursing homes, hospices, shelters, etc.