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Navigating through an average day can be a challenge for many people. The demand for trained, qualified service dogs has increased tenfold and current providers of these special animals cannot keep up with the immediate need. Waitlists for properly trained service dogs can be two years or more. Sadly, people are resorting to self-training, or worse, simply purchasing service dog vests online and claiming their untrained dog is a service dog to gain access to public places. These dogs are not certified by any accredited organization and as a result, businesses and institutions are put in a precarious position. By restricting access to individuals with service dogs they risk denying legitimate rights provided by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. But these organizations also need to be aware of the impact on safety to their clientele and staff when these uncertified dogs enter their premises. The pressure to legislate service dog certification is increasing and as the strain on already over taxed traditional providers of service dogs reaches new heights, alternative solutions are becoming critical. Partner Dogs Canada Inc. is part of that solution! We provide fully trained and certified service dogs, multi-client service dogs and advanced therapy dogs. Established and registered as a not for profit organization in January 2017, we are dedicated to helping people with emotional, physical or other accessibility issues. Our goal is to support the recovery process for any individual who will benefit by interacting with a dog so they can reach their full potential. This human-dog partnership is the spirit of Partner Dogs Canada Inc.